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The art and science of Thought Healing. Organized by Cansurvive,An organization for Cancer survivors Malaysia on 13/03/2018

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foundation is a organization formed with the intention of transforming human life by imparting health wealth and happiness through the application of science of ayurveda, yoga and wellness . Ayurveda is the ancient science of life based on the concept of right living. its objective is to effect a complete cure of a disease rather than just suppression of its symptoms. ayurveda achieves this goal by focusing on maintaining a harmonious balance of vata, pitha & kapha-the thridoshas found in every individual. any imbalance between these doshas has a direct influence on the well being of the human body, mind & soul. at ve care, we provide you opportunity to heal yourself through your own thoughts & energy. Punarjani, an organization for globalizing ayurveda and yoga for the promotion of clinical practice among young ayurveda doctors of india through transforming education.